Sunday Karisa, Brittle Bones  

The Port Reitz School accepts all handicapped children, irrespective of the child's disability, religion or social background. No child is ever sent away, even though the school frequently has barely enough money for food, the necessary education and medical care. 


Some parents are able to pay the school fees fully and some partially. However, for far most of the children there is no financial aid at all. The school needs help. Through our foundation we are able to find sponsors who make it possible for these children to receive the education they need to survive in the world.

  Sophia Adhiambo and Philip Bwire    
Sunday Karisa, Osteogenesis Imperfecta.      

Sophia Adhiambo, muscular dystrophy Philip Bwire, Sicle Cell




Wanza Paul   Karisa Kahindi   Eunice Machocho & Wendy Baardman   Eunice Machocho   Michael Munga

Wanza Paul, amputee






Karisa Kahindi, amputee






Eunice Machocho has Hydrocephalic. In July 2010 she was successfully operated at the APDK.




Eunice now finally no headaches anymore and she has learned to walk independently.




Michael Munga, poliomyelitis




The school has children with the following disabilities:


Muscular Dystrophy

Spina Bifida

Brittle Bones



Cerebral Palsy

Congenital Malifomalia

Sicle Cell


Socially Disadvantaged


The nature of disability becomes automatically expensive to run this type of an institution keeping in mind that DISABILITY IS NOT INABILITY.


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