Port Reitz School

The objectives of the Port Reitz School for the handicapped children are to educate and rehabilitate children with disabilities so that they value their condition and live a normal independent life.

The school has continued to fulfil its goals which are:

  1. Being an educational institution, it offers primary level of education currently the 8.4.4 system like any other regular primary school in Kenya.
  2. Being a boarding school it provides feeding and boarding facilities.
  3. Being a special school it offers (physiotherapy) special treatment (rehabilitation) and special education to those with learning difficulties caused by the disability. This special education is really taken care of in special classes for multiple handicapped children, where individual programmes and daily living activities are taught.
The School Motto is: "TOGETHER WE LEARN"
It is through this motto that we have introduced integration programmes such that the handicapped children learn together with the regular children.
The main objectives for this programme are:
  • to provide a natural environment where pupils with special needs learn alongside with their peers
  • the handicapped children are freed from the isolation in special schools
  • the children learn to appreciate one another
  • to create more competition in academic performances
Together we learn
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